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A licensed Public Insurance Adjuster from William S. Cook & Associates will advocate YOUR right as the insured, NOT the insurance company’s.

In the beginning, your insurance company is probably treating you well, doing all you would expect from them after faithfully paying your annual premiums.  Then they send an adjuster to tell you what the damage is to your home or business and how much they are going to pay you.

William S. Cook Public Adjuster License No. A053923

William S. Cook
Public Adjuster
License No. A053923

What they are not telling you is it’s YOUR claim, not theirs.  For you to have control over your claim, you have to have the knowledge of a general contractor and experience with insurance law and claims settlement practices.  All while trying to maintain your “normal” standard of living.

A Public Adjuster from William S. Cook & Associates will provide guidance and advice while handling your insurance claim to ensure proper compensation for your damaged residential or commercial property while helping you maintain your lifestyle during the settlement process.  If you are unable to negotiate your claim with your insurance company with a favorable conclusion, consider professional help for our experienced team of Licensed Public Adjusters at William S. Cook & Associates.  We will review your claim and discuss the possibilities to ensure you receive your maximum entitlements.  Remember, we work exclusively for YOU, not the insurance company and we do not collect a dime until you receive money from them.  Do NOT give up or sign away your rights to contractors.  Call us right away to see how we can help you.



After recently experiencing a claim at my own home, I realized just how time consuming and difficult the claim process can be.  If I had not had the experience and training as a Public Adjuster, I would have received only about half as much money I needed to properly repair my damaged home.  This helped me realize how helpful and beneficial it is to hire a professional Public Adjuster to handle an insurance claim when battling a “Giant” for your entitlements.

I really enjoy helping clients to ensure they receive proper compensation for their loss.  I will keep you informed throughout the entire claim process while keeping your interests at the top of my priority list.  I will expedite the claim process to help ensure you receive all the entitlements owed to you.  Not until the claim process is completed do most people realize how much time and effort it really takes to negotiate a claim.

William S. Cook is a current member of Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA).  FAPIA’s mission is to protect homeowners and businesses to ensure policy holders receive full and fair compensation from insurers for their covered losses.

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We will review your Residential or Business claim and discuss the possibilities free of charge. Please call 321-297-3609 or complete our Contact Form at the right of this page and we will contact you shortly.