Fire Damage

You have had a fire at your home or business, what do you do next?  Where are you and your family or employees going to live or work until repairs have been completed?  How will you be able to maintain your normal standard of living and conduct business while your property is unusable? At William S. Cook & Associates we will be there to assist you and help solve these issues.  You may be entitled to have a home to live in or be provided a temporary business location while your damaged property is being repaired.  We work for YOU, NOT the Insurance Company and will provide guidance and advice while handling your claim to ensure you receive proper compensation for your damaged residential or commercial property while maintaining your lifestyle during the settlement process.


We will review your Residential or Business claim and discuss the possibilities free of charge. Please call 321-297-3609 or complete our Contact Form at the right of this page and we will contact you shortly.