Hail Damage

As the victim of a disaster, you are suffering terrible uncertainty and stress.  You may be displaced from your home or business.  You may have a loss of income or even physical injuries.  We’d like to offer some practical help in recovering, through your insurance company, the maximum benefits from your loss.

Right now your insurance company is probably treating you well, doing all you expect after you’ve faithfully paid the premiums.  They’ve told you they’ll see to all your needs—and at this early stage, you believe them.

By now, your insurance adjuster may have brought in a contractor who will take away anything salvageable and restore it for you.  Did the contractor or the insurance adjuster ask you to sign an authorization?  Did you read it carefully before you signed?  Most people are still in shock and are too exhausted to take in the fine print.  These authorizations usually give the contractor permission to do the work and to receive payment directly from the insurance company, bypassing you.  This is your property–you should have a say.  For you to have control over your own claim, you must become an expert at insurance law and claims or you can hire a Public Adjuster to do it for you.  A Public Adjuster represents you and acts in your best interest.

Among the many details of your policy that affect the outcome of your claim are exclusions, coinsurance penalties, depreciation and filing deadlines.  Understanding them is essential to your receiving the maximum benefits to which you are entitled.  With W. S. Cook & Associates as your Public Adjuster, you can count on the support of a team of experts who will handle all this for you.  We’re on your side.  After all, our livelihood is tied directly to your benefits.  We earn a fixed percentage of your settlement and are paid by you after you receive your check, not by the insurance company, whose interests must be self-serving and which may not coincide with yours.

We will review your claim and discuss the possibilities free of charge.  Please call our toll-free number or email us today.  Why not talk to some of the people we’ve helped, and give us the opportunity to help you as well?  It’s all on our web site.


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